20 March 2016

A Social Awareness Programme “Safe Holi” was organized by M.Ed. & B. Ed. Students of ICG Institute of Educational Research & Development, in Anil Bal Bharti School, Mahaveer Nagar , on the occasion of Holi M.Ed. students performed a “ Nukad Natak”  titled “ Sookhi Holi, Sukhi Holi”. By performing a “Nukad Natak’ they conveyed the following message to students regarding safe Holi:


a)      Not to use harmful colour & Greasy oil.

b)      Not to play wet holi to save water.

c)      Use helmet while driving on the day of Holi.

The following slogans were depicted on posters to convey the message play safe Holi :

i)                    gjk uhyk ihyk xhyk] ikuh ds fcuk Hkh cus R;kSgkj jaxhyk

ii)                  er djks bruh eLrh] ftanxh ugha bruh lLrh 

iii)                ty gS lksuk bls uk [kksuk

iv)                vc ls flQZ fryd gksyh