Fiesta 2017

The Play House of IIS celebrated its twelfth annual Cultural Pageant, Fiesta 2017 on the 22nd of February 2017. The little wonders of KG I & KG II mesmerized the audience with their charismatic performances full of energy.

The event began with a musical enactment “Swachh Bharat” that gave a strong message that we all should take a step towards building a cleaner and healthier India. Thereafter the audience was given a visual treat through the colourful & trendy dance numbers performed by the kids with gay abandon.

The auditorium resounded with the thunder of applause after the little ones gave a breathtaking performance. They presented Rajasthani folk, Lavani and Hip Hop dance. The successful attempt at involving & including every child was evident on stage.
Dr. Ashok Gupta, Director & Principal, IIS, formally welcomed the guests & appreciated the talent & enthusiasm of the little ones.