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  • International Schools Association, Geneva

  • European Council of International Schools, U.K.

  • National Progressive Schools Conference, New Delhi

  • University of Cambridge - Local Examination Syndicate

Reviving old memories, sharing past experiences is as good as listening and learning from others experiences. India International School aims at not only developing a healthy interaction between the students and alumni but also strengthening strong ties. Our serious endeavour is to create such a bond between the two, that no matter where one is, s/he is always ready to help his/her younger brethren. We have been successful in strengthening and activating the IIS networking and look forward to your cooperation dear alumni. Before I end, I would like to quote a few lines from Coleridge “to meet, to know, to love and then to part, is a sad tale of many a heart”, but I would like to add on, dear alumni we have reconnected ourselves with you and would like to stay connected always in the times to come. . .  

Dr. Ashok Gupta