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Faculty :

Name Dath of Birth Designation Specialization Qualifications Experience
Dr. Archana Jain 17/04/1971 Principal/Professor Biology M.Sc. (Zoology) (68.16), M.Ed.(65.83), Ph.D.(Edu.), NET (Edu.) 18 years Download

  Name Dath of Birth Designation Specialization Qualifications Experience  

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Kedia 09/12/1979 Professor Mathematics M.Sc. (Maths) (68.6), M.Ed.(64.33), M.Phil. (Maths),  CIC, Ph.D.(Edu.), NET (Edu.),SET(Edu.) 19 yrs Download
Dr. Shashi Yadav 07/06/1965 Associate Prof. English M.Ed.(67.83), M.A. (Eng.)(55.63), Ph.D.(Edu.), NET (Edu.) 18 yrs Download
Dr. Deepika Yadav 11/10/1979 Associate Prof. Economics M.Ed. (69.10), M.A. Sociology(70.33), NET (Edu.), Ph.D.(Edu.) 18 yrs Download

Dr. Seema Sharma 07.10.1980 Asstt. Prof. Political Science M.A. (Pol. Sc.)(66.44), M.Ed.(68.6), Ph.D. (Edu.) 14 yrs Download

Dr. Radha Gupta 01.01.1969 Assistant Prof. Hindi M.A. (Hindi) & (Psychology), M.Ed, NET (Edu.), Ph.D.(Edu.) 16 yrs Download

Dr. Bhagyashree Sharma 01.07.1985 Assistant Prof. History M.A.(Hist.)(58.33),(Hindi)(55.33) M.Ed.(72.08), Ph.D. (Hindi) 08 yrs Download

Ms. Vinita Arora 15.12.1982 Assistant Prof. Maths M.Sc. (Maths)(55.21), M.Ed.(69.83) 08 yrs Download

Ms. Asha Agarwal 01.09.84 Assistant Prof. Public Administration M.A. (Pub. Adm.)(56.22), M.Ed.(69.33) 08 yrs Download

Ms. Neelam Agarwal 02.04.1975 Assistant Prof. Hindi M.A. Education 03 yrs Download

Ms. Renu Sharma 15.06.1981 Lecturer Botany M.Sc.(58.83), M.Ed.(67.83) 08 yrs Download

Ms. Apoorva Sharma 02.05.1994 Lecturer Civics, History M.A. (Political Science), M.Ed. 02 yrs Download

Ms. Jyoti Sharma 14.08.1980 Lecturer Political Science M.A. (Pub. Adm.)(57.44), M.Ed.(67.83) 07 yrs Download

Ms. Ranjana Choudhary 25.07.1990 Lecturer Hindi M.A. (Hindi) (59.33%), M.A. (Pol. Sc.) (56.00%) M.Ed.(73.30%) 06 yrs Download

Ms. Rajshri Pooja 15.12.1987 Lecturer Environmental Science M.Sc. (ES) (65.66%), M.Ed.(76.15%) 05 yrs Download

Ms. Reena Gupta 07.09.1986 Lecturer Sanskrit M.A. (Sanskrit) (60.66%), M.Ed. (72.05%) 06 yrs Download

Ms. Poonam Kotiya 27.12.1988 Lecturer Sociology M.A. ( Sociology ) (55.22%), M.Ed.(61.67%) 05 yrs Download

Ms. Ruchi Bansal 12.09.1990 Lecturer Sanskrit M.A. (Sanskrit), M.Ed. 05 yr Download

Ms. Lalita Devi Sharma 16.01.1990 Lecturer Political Science M.A.(Pol. Sc.)(65%), M.Ed.(77.75%) 01 yrs Download

Ms. Deepali Gupta  10.10.1968 Lecturer Drawing M.A. (Drawing & Painting) (64.12%) 29 yrs Download

Dr.. Neera Jain 26.05.1978 Lecturer Music MA (Music) (74.50%), Ph.D. 15 yrs Download

Dr. Anjali Dengri 27.10.1970 Lecturer Phy.Edu.  Ph.D. 16 yrs Download

Ms. Shikha Garg 25.02.1994 Lecturer Hindi  M.A. (Hindi), M.Ed - Download

Ms. Umang Sharma 30.10.1993 Lecturer Book Keeping, Commerce Practice M.Com., M.Ed.. - Download

Ms. Madhu Bala Kaangarot 31.08.1982 Lecturer Hindi  M.A. (Hindi), M.Ed - Download
Non Teaching Staff :
Mr. Naresh Kumar Office Assistant  11.06.1984 M.A. DCAP
Mr. Sanjay Mathur Office Assistant & Computer Operator 23.09.1971 M.Com.
Ms. Nikita Sharma Librarian 14.11.1990 M.Lib. 
Mr. Ram Prasad Jangid Library Assistant  15.03.1969 C.Lib.
Mr. Abhishek Sharma Computer Lab Assistant 29.09.1979 M.Sc. Computer Science
Mr. Deepak Sharma Office & Account Assistant  21.02.1977 B.Com
Mr. Suresh Kumawat  Technical Assistant  20.07.1985 B.A., CCNA
Mr. Pramod Agrawal Office Manager  02.04.1967 BCA
Mr. Harvansh Singh  I.T. Executive  09.07.1980 B.Com., M.C.A.
Mr. Mukesh Sharma Accountant 29.07.1980 B.Com.
Mr. Brij Kumar Store Keeper  05.11.1989 Senior Secondary
Hanuman Balai  Supporting Staff  05.02.1967  
Gopal Krishan Tank  Supporting Staff  13.06.1968  
Bhupender  Helper  10.07.1985  

Details of the faculty members who left or joined during the last quarter :