From the Principal’s Desk

At the India International School, we ascertain the joy of learning by fostering a culture of creativity. Our pedagogy pervades an environment of academic excellence, artistic and innovative pursuits- all aiming at the spiritual and intellectual empowerment of every child who becomes a vital part of the IIS Fraternity!
At the core of our School’s ethos is not only the upholding of the deeply embedded Indian values and traditions, but also ensuring that these are imbibed by the receptive learners in the constantly evolving environment, simultaneously appreciating context and community.
We endeavour to instill an interactive approach with focus on enhancing skills of collaboration and communication, equipping the students to apply their knowledge in real-life situations that contribute to their holistic development. They learn to critically evaluate, synthesize their learning and articulate their thoughts confidently, with conviction in their beliefs.
Our eager students consider multiple paths and maintain academic integrity. The process of learning for them is never linear - it is, assuredly, envisioned as well as implemented as experiential and multi-dimensional. Infinite possibilities, limitless opportunities, IIS promises to nurture every child to surge ahead with poise and passion, empowered to be global citizens who are infused with a commitment to become the best versions of their very own special identities!